about Katinka

My name is Katinka van der Eerden. After a working life in education, agogic and cultural work, I came in contact with energy work during a period of illness lasting many years. This was a revelation!
The healing process had an enormous effect on my health, and performing healing and reading felt like coming home. Soon, other people and animals began coming to me for a reading or healing. I felt the job was made for me.

I count myself lucky that I can assist others in discovering this fascinating path that reveals true nature and truth, and to bring it to light.
My work brings me both joy and pleasure!

Nature is a source of inspiration for me. The resilience and restorative power of nature and the connection between diverse creatures in nature touch me deeply. The qualities of nature inspire me to tap into these forces in myself as well.
Time after time I am surprised by the creativity of living beings in response to the challenges of life, each according to its own nature and in connection with the life around it. This opens up new perspectives. Passing this on to others makes me happy.
All of this brings vital peace. And I continue to marvel….


Some of my training:
School voor Mens en Intuïtie in Amersfoort (lightworker);
Quantum Touch Training Netherlands (Q-Touch, Q-Allergy, Q-Animals);
Wilderness school De Kleine Wilg (yeartraining in nature awareness);
Awareness Centred Deep Listening, ACDLT (Deep Listening Training Intensive).
I also did and do various courses and workshops and keep my skills development current.


De mandala’s on this site are made by myself.