with animals

Do you have a special connection with an animal?
And do you wonder sometimes

…what’s going on in this animal?
…how can you help it to become or stay healthy?
…what is the meaning of its changing behaviour?
…how great is its lust for life?
…what you can learn from this animal?
…why is this animal with you actually?

I’d like to help you to find these and other answers.

I offer:

Healing – balancing body and mind allowing life energy to flow;
Reading – sensing information in the energy-field;
Quantum Touch – increasing life energy;
Quantum Allergy – identifying and resetting allergies or disruptions;
Meridian Touch – removing blocks in energy-channels (particularly for horses).
Bach Bloesem Remedies – the healing power of plants;

These techniques stimulate the animal’s self-healing capability, deep lying themes reveal themselves and blocks will be cleared. As a healer I facilitate this process.
A session’s aim is to connect the animal with its natural self and allow its life energy to flow, giving you more insight into your animal’s being and increase the bond between you.

Ask about any aspect of your animal’s life: physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical.
An energy session can support an injury or illness recovery process, when you notice your animal is not feeling itself. It will also prevent relapses.
Energy work is done with love and respect and your animal will never be pressured into any unwanted treatment. It tells itself when enough is enough.

what is a session like

on location
If possible, the animal sits/lies/stands loose in a quiet place without distractions.
The ‘owner’ tells me the reason for the session. I position myself at the desired distance to the animal (the animal itself decides this), tune in to the energy field and ask permission. When permission is given, the owner asks the questions and the exchange starts. During the session I partially close my eyes, the owner pays attention to (changes in) the behavior of the animal. The animal usually indicates when enough is enough. This can be done by yawning, sneezing, walking away, etc.

See also what is a session like in the people section.

An online session is more or less the same. If the animal cannot be present we use a photo.


“The themes that came up, how [my horse] is in life, and what he needs were very relatable. Not only for him but also for myself. I took the Bach Blossoms prescribed for him first for a while myself and then gave them to him.”

“For me it confirmed what I already guessed plus some additional information. [My cat] immediately stopped running into the street. That was nice. Furthermore, he looks better and is less timid.”

“The session with [my horse] was a very pleasant experience, you could clearly see the total relaxation, especially after the session. I myself am also very happy that I did the session. It helped me a lot with putting the “obligation” for [both my horses] to one side.”

“The body work you did with my dog made him very calm and continues to do so now I do it with him myself.”

“I found it very enjoyable. I notice that [my horse] is more comfortable in his skin, he’s even a little cheeky.”


session (on location or online) €75,-;
half-hour session online €45,-;
fifteen-minute session online €30,-.
Travel expenses €0,25 per km up to 50 km return, above that €0,50 per km.

If you refer someone on (human or animal), you’ll get your next session 10% discount.

Please contact us if the price is an objection, and we will find a solution.

Amounts are exempt from VAT.