with people

you find a stone
scratched, damaged, covered with mud.
You begin to clean it, brush it, polish it
and piece by piece its nature will reveal itself.
And then you see the core:
you are holding a diamond…

Do you wonder what your body might be trying to tell you?
Would you like to trust your intuition?
Do you long to be true to your true self?

I’d like to accompany you on your journey of exploration.
I offer

Healing – letting life’s energy flow
Reading – tune in to the information of the energy-field
Quantum Touch – increasing life energy
Quantum Allergy – identifying and resetting allergies or disruptions
Intuitive Solutions® – cards to help guide your own intuition

All these techniques stimulate your self-healing capability, physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical. Balancing body and mind brings essential information to light clearing up underlying questions. My role as a healer is to facilitate that process.
Each session aims to (re)unite you with your natural self, to let your vitality flow in harmony with the world around you.
A session is helpful for adults and children aged 8 and over.
A session can help in all walks of life: health; work; meaning of life; nourishment; school and studies; living space; education; relationships; etc.

what is a session like

a session at the practice
You can come with a definite reason or with something like “what is going on in my life right now” (see also the subjects people come with).

I tune in to the subtle energy layers and ask permission from your energy field to perceive them. If I don’t get it, we’ll see if something else is needed first.
If I do get permission, I start with a global impression of your aura (energy field) as a whole and your chakras (vortexes) and what is needed there.
It may be that you yourself have a certain preference for a method (healing, reading, etc), and I can also ask your energy field this.

Usually the healing or reading is at some distance from the body, sometimes (only with your permission) it is with touch.
This reading brings us, in a lighthearted way to your central theme and a question and answer ‘game’ unfolds. Sometimes other themes require priority.
During a healing the whole session can take place in silence. The methods are often interwoven and complement each other. It also depends which method you yourself find most pleasant.

A session takes about an hour. I keep an eye on whether your energy system can absorb and process the information and healing. Sometimes your issue is clarified in one session, sometimes more sessions are needed.

The sessions at the practice take place in corona-proof environment.

online session
A Skype or Zoom session is more or less the same.
Before an online session you’ll receive an email with exact instructions such as: sit in a quiet room without distractions.



“Everything fell into place. You were very clear and apt. You have a very pleasant manner. You are lighthearted, involved and to the point.”

“Interesting to see how Katinka receives the information and then immediately passes it on, and tries to convey it whilst placing it in context. Without having told her much, the theme that was most important to me came up. It’s good to know that the information Katinka (received and) gave is therefore genuine. The atmosphere was also good.”

“I like how you approach me and the casual atmosphere during the sessions. I feel very comfortable with you.
Sometimes the information that comes to light during the sessions is a bit vague/unrecognizable at first. But after you have asked some follow-up questions to the universe/earth system (or something else???), the information is always clear and so far I have never gone home with a question. After a session I often feel that I look at reality more clearly and after (almost) every session I notice that I am more grounded, which is very nice. You often give me tips/exercises. I always enjoy having had a session with you.”

“You are calm and were clearly focused on my well-being. That was nice, it made me feel like I was in good hands. That you don’t ask for any historical context first, seems very special to me.”

“Pleasant, knowledgeable, warm, involved. The image of the green carrots, the statement that it’s actually alright, the hands on my belly: they bring me back to peace and self-love every time.”

“Caring, lots of space for my question and accepting, with humor and lightness. It’s also just plain enjoyable. There is more peace in my relationship now.”



session (on location or online) €75,-;
half-hour session online €45,-;
fifteen-minute session online €30,-.

If you refer someone on (human or animal), you’ll get your next session 10% discount.

Please contact us if the price is an objection, and we will find a solution.

Amounts are exempt from VAT.