My intention with this energy work is to bring you into contact with and deepen your awareness of your being. Enabling you to be more ‘you’, become more visible and connect better with the wider world.

This path leads to a different perspective on a situation, or health, or life questions.
It’s therefore not a replacement for regular healthcare (doctor, therapist etc) but an extension, a holistic approach. In essence, I am helping you strengthen your self-healing capacity.

Together we can discuss which techniques would be right for you:

healing and reading

Healing and reading take place in the aura (energy field, radiance). These are subtle layers of energy that flow in and around all living beings. When your aural energy flows freely, you feel in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

In the aura, chakra’s play an important role. A chakra is a vortex of energy in and around you. This chakra receives energy from the environment and also diffuses energy back into the environment.

Each chakra is connected to body systems and areas of life. The degree of openness or closedness of the chakras affect your daily life: a chakra that is too closed prevents your energy from flowing freely, while a chakra that is too open allows your energy to leak out.

A disturbance in chakras and aura puts you out of balance. Disturbances can be caused by (thinking) patterns, stress or disruptive experiences. Then you can become ill, or gloomy, or simply uneasy.
Just observing the position of the chakras can get the energy flowing again and have a healing effect.

A healing invites your energy field to flow again, and reconnects you with your own healing capacity and the healing field of the world. This allows your life force to flow again, enabling you to regain your health and peace of mind and you can be comfortable in yourself again.
A specific form of healing is an aura massage. Just wonderful!

A reading looks at the information that lives in aura and chakras. In this way you get insight into the essence of your concerns, or what keeps you from living fully in your own nature.
It is a very pleasant way to increase subconscious ‘inner knowledge’.

Quantum Touch and Quantum Allergy

Quantum Touch works with intention, breathing and consciousness techniques. The goal is to strengthen one’s own life force energy. This can be used to treat physical complaints and emotional blockages.
Quantum Touch can be applied with hands on the body (with clothing on) or at a distance from the body.
You as the receiver are leading: your experience where you feel the pain or emotion and your immediate reaction to the treatment, is decisive for the course of the treatment.
Quantum Touch allows you to relax into your body.

Quantum Allergy is about tracing and resetting blockages and allergies.
I use kinetic testing and also work with intention, breathing and awareness techniques. Both physical and emotional disturbances can be detected and repaired.
You’ll feel completely refreshed.

Intuitive Solutions®

These cards aid inspirational treatment are a tool for inspired action. Your question directs a process of intuitive card choices.
Phases of insight, blockages and sources of help lead to the first steps of a course of action.
I will lead you in a process of meditation and visualization arriving at the meaning that the cards hold for you. This technique increases your trust in your own intuition.

Meridian Touch (for horses)

This method on meridians (energy channels) is a specialization of Quantum Touch, and helps bring and maintain your horse in balance. It is a tension relieving technique that drains the energy channels of ballast. Via the meridians disturbances can be traced and brought back in balance, healing and preventing energy field disturbances, enabling the horse to ‘breathe freely’ again.

Bach Blossom Remedies (for animals)

Blossom remedies are natural preparations used to balance body and mind. They are based on the healing properties of wild plants.
They support and speed up the recovery process of mind and body, in a subtle and long lasting way.