Meet Nature

Nature is telling us something!
Let’s listen
and draw its wisdom to us.

Imagine if we could understand the answers that nature has to our questions, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Would you like to experience such a dialog with nature?

Then come to a workshop! Surrounded by nature, ask whatever is on your mind and open yourself to nature’s true answer. Afterwards you’ll translate your experience into words and images.

In a large garden in Amsterdam, we work with the senses, physical exercises, meditation, visualization and other creative methods.

So dress comfortably and come and discover what nature has to offer you!

designed for 2 to 4 participants (or call to discuss)


“I experienced the beginning of autumn more intensely that day than I had if I had just sat in my garden. A greater awareness of the ‘unity in diversity’ I read back in the notebook (good idea, that notebook!), Furthermore, it was pleasant and enjoyable as a group and you guided it all well, it felt like a very natural whole that day. And I think that it continues to work in my subconscious, even though I have already ‘forgotten’ a lot of it.”

“The best part was the walk which, because of the exercises beforehand, was really soothing and through increased ‘awareness’ I could better allow the beauty of nature -in the city, by the way- to permeate me.”

“I remember that we very consciously allowed ourselves to stand on the earth and very consciously observed the wind and the light and sounds. That was fun. I thought you did it very well: you were serious, yet lighthearted.
The answer to my question became clear to me in the course of the day. Mostly because I very consciously took the time to think about it.”

“Some days I do your exercises and they always make me smile.”

“The peace and quiet, the stillness
The organic ‘answers’
Seeing so much when you consciously look and focus
The loving attention from you
The drawing we made
It was a special and wonderful day. What I liked most was the walk in silence and full attention.
A wonderful way to pass on to others the love you have for nature and the way you experience it, allowing others to see how to reap the benefits of it.”

“I want to thank you for such a peaceful and beautiful day. I really loved it, especially the connection through the writing. I loved the writing and drawing, very relaxing and insightful. It was a wonderful experience. The day made me feel part of a flow, and your garden and the weather were just perfect!”

“I now realize that for a long time I have been asking the wrong question in life. Now, after the nature workshop, I know what the right question is.”

dates and costs


Or suggest your own date.
Or make a group request (friends, family, colleagues).


10.30 – 16.00 hours


for 1 person €50,-
for 2 persons €90,-
group rate in consultation
Coffee/tea included, please bring your own lunch.

Amounts are exempt from VAT.

After registration you’ll receive a preparation email and address.