Time for Nature

The joy of the outdoors!

During this walk we’ll take time to revel in wonders of nature, connecting to nature and to ourselves.

Remaining active reduces susceptibility to stress. And by being silent we increase our openness to the smell, colour, shape and sound of nature.
In other words a walk in quiet contemplation for vital relaxation.

We walk silently through Amstelland for around 5 km with regular stops for exercises that strengthen our bonds with nature.

designed for 2 to 4 participants (or call to discuss)


“I was able to get back in touch with myself after a long time. And that in such a short time. I now feel even more respect for nature.”

“The atmosphere was very relaxed. It allowed me to get over my resistance to the tree exercise and I felt very rooted as a result. And the exercise with space perception was very surprising!”

“What I remember most is how safe I felt, the peace that you radiated, and that it really felt ‘natural’: you, the exercises and your way of communicating. After all, ‘nature’ is also a bit trendy and hip now (especially in the big city), but I like to book a walk like this with someone who feels genuine.”

“Beforehand, in the last few months, I felt a stagnation in myself, a tension, and that now flows perceptibly through. A huge relief. That calls for more of this.”

“I found the exercise with the silver thread the most beautiful of all such exercises I have done.”

dates en costs

data 2023

  • Wednesday 14 Jun 2023, 09:30: NatuurUur
  • Tuesday 20 Jun 2023, 09:30: NatuurUur
  • Wednesday 12 Jul 2023, 09:30: NatuurUur
  • Friday 28 Jul 2023, 09:30: NatuurUur
  • Friday 11 Aug 2023, 09:30: NatuurUur
  • Saturday 14 Oct 2023, 09:30: NatuurUur

Or suggest your own date.
Or make a group request (friends, family, colleagues).


9.30 – 11.45 AM, or suggest your own times.


Upon request.